After dropping out of high school, working dozens of dead-end jobs, and having no accomplishments to my name; I saw the military as a personal challenge. I joined the Army and served for six years, with a one-year combat duty in Iraq, after which, I transferred my remaining contract to the United States Air Force. With a total of nine years done and at the end of my contract I was Honorably Discharged and had nothing to do. Three years of searching with nothing to hang my creative hat on left me tired and worried that I would never find "the thing." Until, one day, I did. I found acting. It hit me like a lightning bolt, and I was immediately invested and enthralled by this outlet. Once I discovered it, I've done nothing but pursue it, love it, and grow with it.

Through acting, I've also discovered screenwriting and producing. Learning these aspects of the world of entertainment has helped me immensely in being able to write and create my works, so I don't need to wait for anyone else's approval or "ok" to do the thing I love. With these new pursuits, I founded a production company, Twelvesteed Productions, where we've won best acting, writing, and audience awards for our films. Also, I now consult on writing and acting for other production companies throughout the DMV and NYC area.